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Hardwood Floor Installation

Beautifully installed hardwood floorsIf for some strange reason you choose not to purchase one of Quality Flooring and Remodeling’s fine wood floor designs you can still experience the exceptional service from Quality Flooring and Remodeling. Simply call our service department for a free quote on installation and finishing of the hardwood flooring you are ready to have installed. Quality Flooring and Remodeling’s old world craftsmanship shines through on any hardwood floor.


Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Bona Refinishing Equipment imageOur dust free re-finishing techniques incorporate the latest Dust Containment Technology and re-finishing equipment. Our re-finishing services can have you back on your like-new floor faster than you think. Call now for a free quote on re-finishing your hardwood floor.

Granite Countertop Design & Installation

Granite Counter TopTechnicians at Quality Flooring and Remodeling shine brightest when installing one of our many selections of Granite Counter Tops. Whether you need an elegant, updated look for your kitchen or a fabulous upgrade to a bathroom vanity, we have a granite counter look and style just right for your home.


Hardwood & Tile Floor Repairs

Repairing a floorSince hardwood and tile floors are valuable and durable, it is important to keep the surface like new. Quality Flooring and Remodeling employs specialists that use the latest re-finishing and repair techniques for both wood and tile floors. Be it a high-traffic area or an accidental cosmetic blemish, our flooring specialists can help get your floor back looking great.

Temperature Controlled Flooring

Temperature Controlled FlooringQuality Flooring and Remodeling is proud to offer the latest in electric-floor heating systems. Ask our comfort specialists how we can design and install a custom floor heating system that can lower your energy bill and enhance the year round comfort on your tile floors.

Inspired by nature, our floor heating systems apply the principles of radiant heat to provide occupants with a healthy and pleasant environment. Heat spreads uniformly from the ground up to be absorbed by the objects and occupants of the room. It then radiates to create an unbelievable sense of comfort and well-being. No conventional heating system can rival this ambient heating system.